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makeup appointment FAQ

"How do I book an appointment?"
To book an appointment please click here

"Where are you based?"
I am based at my makeup studio which is located at 427 Fullarton Road, Highgate.

"Do you travel to clients?"
Unfortunately I don't travel to my clients (with the exception of bridal bookings consisting of 6+ people)! This is because being based at my studio enables me to fit in more makeups without having to spend time traveling to and from different locations. 

"I want to make a group booking, how do I go about this?"
To book in multiple people you will need to book multiple consecutive appointments, e.g. 9:20am, 10:10am, 11:00am. You are welcome to come in together, however please be mindful that the waiting area at my studio isn't very big and there may be other people waiting for appointments with the other artists I work alongside. 

"What days do you do makeup?
I am available for makeup every day of the week! If my online booking system says that I am unavailable for a particular date, it means that: 1) I am already booked out, 2) I haven't opened my bookings that far in advance yet, 3) I am unavailable due to personal commitments. To be notified when an appointment has become available for your chosen date you can add yourself to my cancellation/wait list.

"I'm getting married! How do I book you for my wedding makeup?"
All of my bridal information can be found here :)


"How do I contact you?"

The ONLY contact method I accept is email:
I do not respond to Instagram DMs or Facebook inboxes, and I don't give my personal phone number out :)


How long do you take to respond to emails? 

I endeavour to respond to all emails within 2-5 business days.

"Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?"
There are quite a few things you will need to do to prepare for your makeup appointment - please visit this page for more info!

"If I get my makeup done in the morning, will it last until my event at night time?"
Yes it will! I use a lot of high quality skincare products, primers and setting sprays on my clients, which, in addition to the high quality makeup products I use, allows my clients makeup to last all day and night. I've also had clients who have been able to wear their makeup two days in a row to two different events! To help make your makeup last as long as it possibly can, follow my instructions/recommendations listed here

For any further questions please feel free to email me at xxx

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