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Is the date you wanted to book for unavailable, booked out, or not open yet? Join my cancellation/wait list to be emailed as soon as an appointment becomes free!

Bookings from February 2024 onwards are not open yet (with the exception of bridal bookings). Please visit this page for all bridal info.
TIP: when entering the time of day that you are available, you can be as specific as possible (e.g. "finish work at 4pm need appointment after 4:30pm, event starts 7pm", but also keep in mind that by giving me a large time frame (e.g. "6am-3pm" or "free any time") you have a higher chance of securing an appointment. 

***this form does not guarantee you a booking, and does not guarantee a booking for your specified time/date***


All done! You will be emailed ASAP if an appointment for your chosen date becomes available.

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