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"How do I book an appointment?"
To book an appointment please click here

"How much do you charge?"
Please visit this page for more information on pricing.

"Where are you based?"
I am based at my studio which is located at 427 Fullarton Road, Highgate.

"What days do you do lashes?
I take lash extension bookings on MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS ONLY (8am-6:30pm). I cannot take lash bookings on other days as I am either doing makeup appointments or admin work for my business. 


"How do I contact you?"

The ONLY contact method I accept is email: rosefalkaimua@gmail.comI do not respond to Instagram DMs or Facebook inboxes.

"Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?"
Yes!!! The 'appointment prep' section of this page will tell you everything you need to know.

"What is a patch test?"
A patch test isn't 100% necessary but it's good for those who are new to lash extensions and are worried that they might be allergic to the glue. A patch test is where I apply around 5 - 10 lash extensions per eye, and then we wait approx 48 hours to see if you have any sort of reaction (e.g. redness, itchiness, puffiness, irritation). If you haven't shown any signs of a reaction after the 48 hour mark, you're all good to go ahead and get your lashes done! To schedule a patch test, please email me and I can book you in - it'll only take about 15 minutes :)

"Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes and make them fall out?"

No! As long as they are being applied correctly, safely, not too heavy, and with proper isolation, your natural lashes will remain healthy. Some people think that lash extensions will make their lashes 'fall out' purely because a natural lash shedding looks way more noticeable shedding out when there's an extension stuck to it! We all lose 2 - 6 natural lashes every single day, and this number does not get higher when you have lash extensions on. As long as your lash tech isn't sticking on extensions that are too long and heavy for your natural lashes to handle, your naturals will remain unharmed :)

"What styles of lashes do you offer? What are the differences?"

I offer classics, hybrids, volumes (3D), and mega volumes (5-10D)
Classics: 1 single extension per natural lash, great for something more natural or if you're trying lash extensions for the first time and are unsure what to get.
Hybrids: Mix of classics and volumes, half the natural lashes will have 1xclassic lash on it and the other half will have 1x3D volume fans. Great for people who want something a bit fuller than classics but not too full.

Volume (3D): 1x 3D volume fan per natural lash. Perfect for those who love a full, dark lash-line.

Mega volume (5-10D): 1x 5-10D fan per natural lash. The higher the number, the more volume the lashes will have! 5-6D mega's are super fluffy, and 8-10D mega's are super dark and dramatic.

"What curls do you offer?"

I offer D curl (curly and more noticeable from front-on, the most common curl) and C curl (still curly but flatter and more 'natural' than D)

"What lengths do you have?"

I have every length from 8mm to 15mm

Spikes go up to 18mm

"I don't know what lashes to choose! What do I do?"

I've got you babe! We can go over all of your options at the start of your appointment and we can pick something that will look amazing on you depending on the shape of your eyes and the sort of look that you're going for. If it's your first time getting extensions, most people prefer starting with classics as they're the most natural option. We can always alter anything at your refill appointments as well, e.g. if you want to try something longer/shorter, or if you want to move up from classics to hybrids etc :)

"How long do your lash appointments go for?"

I allow 2 hours for all full set and refill appointments. For full sets I usually always use the whole 2 hours. Some refill appointments take 2 hours if lots of cleaning and prepping is involved and if the client has poor retention due to not washing their extensions. Those who look after their extensions correctly can usually be done in 1.5 hours :)

"How do I look after my lashes and make them last?"

Please read the 'lash extension aftercare' section of this page for literally everything you'll need to know on how to look after your lashes!

"How long will my lash extensions last for?"

If you care for them properly following my aftercare advice, your lash extensions will for ages!

If you're getting extensions for a once-off event, your full set can take up to 5-6 weeks for them all to shed out! However if you're wanting to get lash extensions consistently, you will need to have your extensions refilled. 

"How often do I need refills?"

If it's your first time seeing me for lash extensions, I always like my first-timers to book their first refill around 2 weeks after their full set. This is so I can see how quickly your lashes grow and how well they're lasting on you. We can then push your refill bookings out to 3 weeks if you're looking after them correctly! My clients that follow proper aftercare instructions can usually last 3.5 - 4 weeks between refills. It's very important to note that it will only count as a refill if you have 40% or more of your lash extensions remaining, any less than this will be charged as a full set. 

"Do you refill other lash tech's work?"

Unfortunately not! The reason for this is because I don't know what the other tech has used on your lashes (e.g. the quality of their products, the different lengths, the quality of their adhesive, etc.). The only other lash tech's work that I will refill is Sapphire Lashes (@sapphire_lashess on instagram), as she works out of my studio and we use all of the same products. 

"How do I remove my lash extensions?"

Please, please, please don't try and remove your lashes yourself! It can be extremely damaging for your natural lashes if you pick at them and pull them all out. The glue used for lash extensions is very strong and if you try and pull them off it will rip your natural lashes straight out, and then you'll be left with no natural lashes! I've heard of some people trying to remove their lashes with olive or coconut oil - this is also very harmful to your natural lashes and will do a very patchy job of getting your lash extensions off. If you'd like me to remove your lash extensions please send me an email and I'll be able to squeeze you into my schedule; it'll only take about 20 mins and it will save your natural lashes!

For any further questions please feel free to email me at xxx

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