What does it mean if the date I want to book in for has 'no available hours?''

This means that I am either fully booked out for that date or I am unavailable for makeup on that date :)

It could also mean that I haven't started accepting bookings for that date yet (appointments are only available to be booked a maximum of 6 months in advance with the exclusion of bridal parties)

Also keep in mind that I'm currently only available for makeup on FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS, and will not be able to take bookings from Sundays through to Thursdays unless otherwise stated.

Do I use this feature to book in a bridal party/bridal trial?

Please EMAIL ME for all bridal makeup enquiries!! The 'book online' feature is not to be used for anything wedding-related, as the time I spend on bridal party makeup differs significantly to a normal 45 minute makeup application. My prices also vary for bridal makeup and include a travel fee which will differ depending on where the wedding is located. 

How come it says that the appointments go for 30 mins but the available time-slots are in 45 minute intervals?

This is probably due to my extremely poor technology skills but I can't change it unfortunately! Even though it says that the appointments go for 30 minutes each, I allow a full 45 minutes per client :)

Can I book one appointment for 2+ people?

As I allow 45 minutes per client, one appointment is allocated to each person. If you wish to book in for a friend as well, they will need to book a separate appointment! If you're wanting to book appointments that are back-to-back so that you can come to your makeup appointments together, pick time-slots that are 45 minutes apart (e.g. 1:30pm & 2:15pm).

How come I can't book an appointment without having to pay a deposit?

A $30 deposit is required for every single booking within 48 hours of enquiring. No deposit, no appointment. This is to encourage people to turn up to their appointments, to not cancel last minute, and to actually show up! If you do not have a paypal account or credit card to pay your deposit online, please email me and I can forward you my details for a bank transfer :)

Can I only pay for the deposit using paypal?

Once you click on the 'Pay Deposit & Book In!" button you will be redirected to a page that says "continue with Paypal" - if you click this it will give you the option of choosing Paypal OR 'pay with card', where you can use your card details to pay your deposit instead! As stated above, if neither of these options work for you, email me and I can send you my bank details for a transfer :)

How do I cancel my appointment if I've made an online booking?

For all cancellations please email me! Please also understand that your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE to another date - this is stated in my 'cancellation policy' which is linked throughout the 'book online' feature. 

How do I get put on a cancellation list for a certain date?

Please visit this link to be placed on a cancellation list for the date of your choosing

For all other questions and enquiries please email me at xxx